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12 reviews | 65 orders

Love this place. Good price, great food and close to the financial district.


9 reviews | 184 orders

Ordered amaebi sashimi, uni nigiri, and the sushi combo. The amaebi was awesome. They include a fried head and tail along w/ the sashimi, whoop! The hand rolls were yummy. And the uni was creamy. From order to delivery was less than 30 minutes. <3


5 reviews | 148 orders

When food arrived it was pleasantly early.Deliverer kneeled down to floor level to hand me the bag (I have knee problems) and I passed him his money. Then, I saw there was no wasabi or ginger. I called, reported error,-- in less than 10 minutes.he returned with the items. .Class act. Only minus: it is the white ginger, Will return, tho', as they deliver until 11:30pm, even on a Sunday! Plus, what arrived was such good quality nigiri and at amazing prices. Upped to 5 from 4 stars after eating it - was REALLY fresh, thick slabs of salmon-and tuna.. The unagi was perfect. I'll just go get my own pink Japantown!.

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132 Bush St
San Francisco CA, 94104
(415) 834-9898